adjective: elaborate əˈlab(ə)rət/
involving many carefully arranged parts or details; detailed and complicated in design and planning.
“elaborate security precautions”
synonyms:    complicated, complex, intricate, involved; More
antonyms:    simple, plain
(of an action) lengthy and exaggerated.
“he made an elaborate pretense of yawning”

verb: elaborate; 3rd person present: elaborates; past tense: elaborated; past participle: elaborated; gerund or present participle: elaborating əˈlabəˌrāt/
1. develop or present (a theory, policy, or system) in detail.
“the key idea of the book is expressed in the title and elaborated in the text”
add more detail concerning what has already been said.
“he would not elaborate on his news”
synonyms:    expand on, enlarge on, add to, flesh out, put flesh on the bones of, add detail to, expatiate on; More
(of a natural agency) produce (a substance) from its elements or simpler constituents.

late 16th century (in the sense ‘produced by effort of labor,’ also sense 2 of the verb of the verb): from Latin elaborat- ‘worked out,’ from the verb elaborare, from e- (variant of ex- ) ‘out’ + labor ‘work.’